features & benefits

CareRing is the WORLD'S BEST RING PROTECTOR because it has a patent pending DOME shape that covers all shapes and sizes of diamonds and with the side extensions it covers ring guards on both sides. It is made of a safe, inert material with many features and benefits that make it the ideal choice for ring protection. These features and benefits make your life a little easier knowing your ring is safe and still on your finger. REMEMBER; you can always have your rings cleaned and repaired but you can never replace it if it is lost or stolen.

• CLEAR silicone provides excellent visibility of rings beneath
• Hypoallergenic, no open pores to harbor bacteria
• Does not contain latex
• Rubber gloves do not rip over rings 
• Protects and insulates from extreme temperatures, abrasions and impacts
• Excellent sealing performance keeping less moisture out 
• Withstands temperature extremes, chemicals and solvents that can ruin fine metals
• Resistance to age, sunlight, and moisture, virtually unaffected by weather
• High flexibility makes it easy to put on and take off
• Stability at high temperatures, won't loose it's shape if in contact with extreme heat and cold,
which is safe for the dishwasher and clothes dryer
• Recyclable

• Reduces trips to the jeweler for repair and cleaning
• Reduces stress from worrying about where your ring is when you take it off to keep it protected
• Your spouse will love that you are protecting their investment
• Comfortable wear makes it easy to forget you have it on
• Durable performance, you are more likely to loose it than wear it out. Our tester wore the same
CareRing for over a year while gardening and it never lost it's shape
• Rebounds quickly
• Inert material, does not react with food or beverages. The silicone is food grade and medical grade
for the clear CareRings
• Waterproof*
* Waterproof capabilities depend on the fit of the CareRing, sizing down can have this effect
The CareRing Cover will protect your diamonds, pearls, birthstones, gold, silver, precious gems and metals from harsh chemicals such as chlorine, cleaning fluids and lotions. It reduces exposure to daily activities and abrasions. This will prolong the luster of your gold and protect your diamonds from harm. Silver should be protected from bleach, ammonia and chlorinated water as these chemicals can damage it. Pearls are delicate and exposing them to perfume, makeup, lotions and hairspray can scratch and dull their luster. There are numerous daily applications that expose your ring to these dangers. See how CareRing can be your solution at Home, Work and Play. 

Activities that require a CareRing the most:
• The beach - After you apply the sunscreen then your hand is in the sand your ring is exposed to
harmful abrasives and oils. If your ring is loose fitting the sunscreen makes it slip off easily. Then
into the salt water which can make it slip off and the salt is terrible for the metals and setting.
A CareRing protects it from all that and keeps it snug on your hand.
• In the meatloaf - Raw meat is hard to clean out due to the fat content and the bacteria can find
a home there.
• Hot tubs - the extreme temperature and chemicals can ruin your rings. CareRing is safe up to
375 degrees and provides a shield from temperature and water.*
*No scientific testing has been done yet, use at own disgression.
• Hair products such as hairspray, foams, gels and color treatments.
• Changing baby's diaper, working with elderly - elderly and infants skin is very delicate.