The Big Idea!

CareRing is a family owned, created and operated company composed of 3 generations of artists and designers with an entrepreneurial, inventive spirit.
How did CareRing come to be?
While watching the TV show "The Big Idea" with Donnie Deutsch, he noted that the best product ideas are right at home. Being a work-at-home Mom I enthusiastically listened.

It was spring and time to prepare my vegetable garden. My ring was too tight to get off and I prefer not to wear gloves. Part of the enjoyment of gardening for me is feeling the earth. Frustrated at how dirty my ring was getting, I thought there had to be a way to comfortably cover and protect such an important and valuable piece of jewelry. So I got some miniature rubber doll clothes (Polly Pocket) from my daughter's toy box and cut and sewed the first CareRing together. It looked like a "Frankenstein" CareRing!

However, I persevered and after 4 more prototypes, input from partners and friends, a patient manufacturer, and year of rigorous testing, CareRing was perfected and ready to be unveiled. It makes me very happy when women are so excited to finally not have to take their rings off to protect them. It really works! It is a "Big Idea!"
Sally Maloney