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CareRing partners with ChicExecs for Channel Management & PR!

ChicExecs ( has joined the CareRing family! Tehani Lopez, CareRings Channel Management Representative recently got engaged and understands first hand what CareRing means to women. It's more than a silicone cover! It's a piece of mind knowing they don't have to take their rings off. Tehani has successfully taken CareRing to many retailers and distributors and Kristen Lavoie is getting the word out through PR.
We are very happy to be working with such professional women! Great things are happening ~ stay tuned!


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Delhi Garden Center - 3 Year Anniversary!

Delhi Garden Center has showcased CareRings in their gorgeous garden store for 3 years now. They showcase CareRing Covers on 4 registers! You can't miss us! Thank you so much!


White Oak Garden Center - Our 4 year Anniversary!

White Oak Garden Center was CareRings first retail location in June of 2011. It meant the world to us! We are happy to still be in your shop.


Welcome Surf, Sun & Sand Gift Shop!

Surf, Sun & Sand Gift Shop at Anna Maria Island is selling CareRings. Their shop is located on Holmes Beach in Anna Maria Island, Florida. It's the perfect location for all the women on the beach. NOW they can protect their rings!

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What an amazing catalog! Please check it out.



Great Wedding Shower ideas Article

Read this article on bridal shower ideas and...make a basket of beach towels, sunscreen and CareRings for the
beach honeymoon or massage lotion, candle and CareRings. She will thank you so much when she doesn't have to take her rings off anytime she is on the beach or swimming or giving her new husband a massage.  :  )
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CareRing is a STRESS BUSTER!

Women worry about their rings getting damaged, losing the diamond and most of all getting lost or stolen while it's off your finger. CareRing elimates that worry. Read the article!


Vacation Article with CareRing!

If you have a diamond ring and are planning vacation, CareRing is a must have! The beach, pools, hot tubs, sports and the spa (of course) are terrible for your rings. It's such a piece of mind knowing you don't have to leave it in the resort or hotel to protect it. 
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Sweet Relish: Stocking Stuffing 101!

If you haven't discovered you should. They discovered us and we love being a part of their website. There are great products to discover.