We care about our customers and we care about our businesses that purchase CareRing Covers. We process wholesale orders by Paypal or credit card. 
OUR WHOLESALE PRICING CANNOT BE BEAT! Give Sally a call at 513-205-7868 for pricing or email her at sally@CareRingCover.com and we will forward you a line sheet.
For jewelers and businesses that want to give CareRing Covers to their customers in gratitude for their business and relate how you want to protect your customer's beautiful new engagement ring, we can offer wholesale pricing to you also. We also offer having your company's logo printed on the bottom of the CareRing Cover. When a women asks about the CareRing Cover, there is an immediate connection to your business and most likely a great story about the engagement ring will start! Please call Sally at 513-205-7868 or email her at sally@CareRingCover.com for details. 
We will be posting the pricing on this link soon, but feel free to call!